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Windows one click masternodes


Junior Member
Can we have masternode coded directly to the GUI wallet instead for our wallet next upgrade? I think this will solve a lot of hassles for people who got no experience in setting one
This is very good, the team does more work, the user is simple to use. Reduce the threshold for building MN.


DSTRA Moderator
Staff member
Is there a page where we can see in real time stats about masternodes growth?
You can see some of this in the Explorer by clicking on the Masternodes tab on the top menu bar, the following url will take you to that tab already where you can see how many MNs are running (they normally will all be running but occasionally a couple of them go offline intentionally or get knocked off). Currently there are 42 masternodes: https://explorer.dstra.io/masternodes

From your desktop wallet you can see if all of the MNs are running and how many by clicking on, TOOLS > Information, (top menu) and the Tools Window, Information tab will display this.