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What to do if you get stuck with your wallet/balance


Staff member
If your balance got stuck, nothing is synchronising, you don't get any incoming transfers etc, you might want to try the following:
1) Shut down the wallet,
2) Go to %APPDATA%/DSTRA (for Win wallet) / /.dstra (for Linux)
3) Copy wallet.dat and store it somewhere (as a backup)
4) Remove everything there EXCEPT wallet.dat
5) Go to forum's section and grab dstra.conf from there (DSTRA Conf File https://forum.dstra.io/threads/dstra-conf-file.258),
6) Store the file in %APPDATA%/DSTRA directory
7) Switch the wallet on
8) Wait for full-sync

And that's it - your issue should be resolved.
maybe you can try another method first before
1) go to debug menu --> console
2) type repairwallet
if problem did not solved, then only perform blockchain resync like above? :unsure: ;)


Junior Member
If you don't get any connections you might also want to try deleting the peers.dat file first. That helped for me, and ist much faster than all the other things you can try afterwards ;)


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Luckily i have never experienced such issue before in my DSTRA wallet. Anyway, thanks for the tutorial this will be very helpful.


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I just read this. Is it safe to just delete everything inside the DSTRA's folder in the %appdata% and just put the updated DSTRA conf file and the copied wallet backup? Will it run? I am just curious :)


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I didn't encounter this one yet. I might have a problem like this in the future that's why I read it. Thank you for the information you provided. It is very useful for us
i had a problem that my pos wallet switched automatically to some fork of blockchain and was posing like crazy. I removed everything except of wallet.dat and re-synced the wallet. This method is universal to solving lots of issue types.