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What do you think about DSTRA till now is it going to make it ?


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Till now and the experience you had with DSTRA what do you think is it gonna make it and the price go up?
share with us your thought if you have an idea.


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After a relative quiet period the team has really stepped up their game these last weeks. Taking that into account the future is looking brighter with the day for this project! I have confidence that this project is moving in the right direction. So i will HODL my DSTRA coins and support the project whenever i can


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yeah i beleive it will make it ... i mean the price is going up it reached 0.005 today also it has a strong community thats helping this project moving forward to a better future


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The fact that I am happy too, and I believe that everyone is like me just because extend my stability with we enter various platforms. Fact dstra dominant on my mind many have slot to me many areas of the many of the culture


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don't be skeptical bro, just beleive in the project and support it by helping in the campaigns/bounties set by the dev team. DSTRA has a clear goal and has a good set of active developers, no doubt it's going to be a successful project.
What will the price goes up is when the team announcement something big like partnership with huge company, but that's only on my opinion ;)


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In my view, the project is on the right way, team is doing well, I hope the community becomes stronger every day and with good support the project successfully attracts more attention.
This project is in good hands i guess due to the dedication & reliability of the core team behind the project. There has been a lot of developments lately and i am totally impressed with the hardwork of the DSTRA team.


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We have a great team and a strong community. It took us so far to get here and I believe we will archive our goal if we keep on support DSRA. This coin survived in the worst situation and went through so many difficulties. I am so glad to see many of us still here and I think if we hold our coins in the worst bear market, then we will see DSTRA big success one day too.


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He continued progress and in all over the more than the stability of dstra with entry platform new kilometers this beautifully aspire for more than this
there are series of development in dstra project which is a good sign. devs team are now focusing on marketing side which is to list dstra on different exchanges and coin info pages. devs team have just finished upgrading the blockchain to version 2. the outlook is positive.


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I think DSTRA's team is very professional. Now it's just that the big situation is not very good. I believe that those who participate in the DSTRA bounty will get the reward they deserve in the near future.
Yes I think so, the activity and updates from the development team is getting more frequent. I believe they are working on something bigger, let's just wait and see for it to happen.


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With this slight rise and constant stability, I can see the continuous work and development taking place in the back and behind the scenes. I hope to continue with our team.


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In the long run, DSTRA should go up, but now in the downturn of the cryptocurrency. After this period of time, it should be fine.
The temporary boom of the virtual currency has left and many currencies are gone.
I think DSTRA is working hard in that.
AIRDROP also follows.
We look forward to the next hand.