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What do you think about DSTRA price in the future?


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I would say it depends on the community and the roadmap development. A good tech always gives people more confidence in the prices
For sure, lets be honest, dstra reminds me of deeponion, they kicked off with 0.2 as a starting price and they doubled like 10x.
Nothing is impossible.
It´s so hard to predict any prices as of now, it depends in many factors, like roadmap, dev´s activities, community and strong hands of investors, I would like that it reached even 1$ though.


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Depends on what exchanges dstra will be on too.
Forty to sixty cents at end of year if on an exchange like cryptopia.
Exchange depends on the amount of BTC, ETH and LTC donated. High grade exchanges are costly. We as staff simply cant afford that.
Also have to weigh up volume traded in 24 hours too, for those larger exchanges better off to see how DSTRA goes on a much smaller exchange, ie. Cryptopia, just make sure you stay away from yobit, I have seen yobit screw over a few developers from some coins like ALTCOM/SONO, they have a terrible reputation at the moment. I believe Nova exchange is back up and running along with coinsmarkets after a server migration.
i'm guessing it will start with 5000satoshi and dumper will get it down to 1000satoshi!
but in time price will recover and hold itself to 4000-5000satoshi!
what do you think guys?


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crex24 isn't too far away it feels, price will explode upon listing too, usually happens for most newly listed coins, people rushing to own a masternode