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[WALLET] Exporting and Importing Private Key


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Good day!
I know some members here who are friends or group of friends that had their DSTRA addresses generated from one desktop wallet. Some did this since we don't have Paper Wallet Generator before.
If you are wondering how can you import your own address to a new wallet separately, you have to get your address' private key first.

To do that:
1. Just in case the wallet is encrypted, you have to unlock it first. Make sure to UNCHECK "for staking only". You can just lock it and unlock for staking after the private key retrieval process.

2. In console, type:
dumpprivkey <DSTRA address>
After typing that, the private key will be shown. It is inside quotation marks.
(To go to console, click Help -> Debug Window -> Console)

3. On your own pc, open a fresh wallet.

4 In console, type:
importprivkey <the private key you got>

And it's done.

If you are group of friends who have your addresses in one wallet, everyone should do the process so that you can have your addresses separately and you can dump the old wallet where it was all together.


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thank you for this very helpful tutorial on how to exporting and importing the private key (y)


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Thanks for the appreciation. Next time, I will share what I learned to possibly help others. But I really am not into making videos. :ROFLMAO:


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Thanks for this ponyogie. This is one of the most important detail need to be noted by all of the DSTRA members.
Thank you very much!


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yeah you could just copy and paste your wallet.dat file a few places, just make sure that what ever you do even if you have multiple backs make sure they are all in the same house as a house fire will wipe out all back ups