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Tutorial: Set up Dstra wallet

Hello everyone!
since the other members are pure newbie or lack of experience in cryptocurrency even installing wallet in pc or laptop, I will make a guide to set up dstra wallet.

1st go to DSTRA Community Coin | From Community comes Unity https://dstra.io/ and scroll down and find dstra wallet and click windows version (if you are using windows)​

In the bottom of your browser, you will see the dstra-1.2.5(win32).zip. Wait until downloading complete and click the file.

When you click the file, the winrar will open and you will see the dstra-qt.exe file. Right click and extract to a specific folder.

Now you will see the extraction path and options. I will put my file on desktop for easily locate the file. When you're done hit ok button and locate it.

Now as you can see the file we extract is in the desktop. Double click it and run the application.

If you encounter this security alert just click the private networks, such as my home or work network and click allow.

After that your wallet will open. Wait until syncing process complete and done! You have now a wallet. If you want to know your wallet address just click the receive in the corner.

Hope you guys understand my tutorial! If you have any questions feel free to ask! ;)


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If you do the swap F0me/Dstra, you will have to enter your F0me wallet password to unlock your new Dstra wallet (if your F0me wallet was password protected)


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Do you need a config file with node adresses in it?

Installed the wallet
Firewall is open.

I've 0 connections

Many thanks for your reply



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Thanks ianskieMk.you have explained it with proper screenshot besides writing.Newcomers wont get trouble to set up their dstra wallet now.Keep up that good work(y)
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Thank you for the tutorial, it is very well written. Even though a layman can successfully set up his wallet by following the steps!


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You know, you can press Alt + PrntScrn to take a screenshot of only the active window, not the entire desktop ;)
Thankyou for the helpful hints it can really help to everyone especially those people who are not aware about dstra yet. It can help a lot.