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The etherium blockin will undergo hardfork at block number 7,080,000


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After reaching an agreement among them, the etherium developers decided to start preparations and preparations for the Hardfork, known as Constantinople hardfork.

The long-awaited Hardfork, called Constantinople, suffered an equal amount of anticipation and turmoil. The date of the operation was originally set in November, but was delayed due to a network failure.

On the failure and subsequent delay, the price of the etherium continued to falter from its highest level around $ 1,400 to its current price of around $ 100. The accumulation of uncertainty surrounding the future of digital currencies leaves them in a very bad shape and prone to criticism by the militants. However, this process is very necessary.


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It is assumed that the etherium is subjected to hardfork process frequently because of the so-called "bomb of difficulty" that slows down the blocks. If left untreated, it will lead to a point where more blocks can not be mined; thus upgrading is an integral part of smooth operation of the grid.

Although it can not be compared with the recent and exhausting repercussions of Hardfork's initialization of cash, there has been some infighting between the various parties in relation to the process, particularly between mining workers and investors. The Hardfork process will reduce the mass mining reward from 3 Ether to 2 Ether for each metal block, which would (obviously) adversely affect the metal of the currency, but it will positively affect investors as it will slow down the inflation of the etherium.

Developers have also chosen a 7,080,000 block to be the foundation stone for the HardFork process. As the etherium is now in the 6,86,1035 block, this means that the HARDFURK may be around the date of 14 January.


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Nice that you are telling this to us. I've never heard about Etherium though, it must be some new coin which is trying to mimic Ethereum.


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I'm not keeping up to date lately what is happening in crypto world, so I didn't know this at all. Thanks for posting it.

Does anyone know, which exchanges will support the fork and what do people who use MEW need to do? Do they need to do anything?
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