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The DSTRA Xmas advent calendar


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Final elimination game, of the Dstra Xmas advent calendar game.

This is an elimination game, which purposeis to cook down all that have made it this far, down to one single remaining. We will throw quizzes, puzzles, magic and other strange things at you until only one remains that have passed it all. It will be easy, it will be difficult, and it will be stressful but hopeful also a little fun.

Players with more than one address in the game will find it a curse, a blessing or indifferent, depending on the game/task at hand.

How you solve something is unimportant to the game, only the result matters, -meaning you may cheat, steal, bribe, ask etc... There are no points for coming in at last place looking good, results matters.

Elimination round 1 begins at 12.30 UTC 27. December.
Stay tuned to the forum thread.


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Elimination round 1

This is the longest (timewise) round. It is to eliminate addresses (players) that are not present for the game. It is four tasks to earn points. All addresses that have zero points after the time runs out is eliminated, as well as the two lowest with points. You have 3 hours to turn in results for these four tasks. You can do it in one go, or as soon as you have solved a task. You might do it public in this thread or send your result to me private. I recommend sending as soon as you have solved a task and privately,- no need to help other players :) but it is up to you.

Task 1-3 each gives 10-1 point. The first gets 10 point, number two 9 points and so on… Task 4 gives 18-1 point. The first gets 18 point, number two 17 points and so on.

Task 1 – what is missing?

Task 2 – solve this soduko

Task 3 – what is missing?

Task 4 – Each of the playing address is send 1 dstra. Whoever returns exactly 1 dstra (not 0.99 or 1.01) the fastest to the sender address get 18 points, next 17 and so on… It must be returned from the playing address! sender address : DT7ThMKudKtcM84LKoe1v7RFQKaGesbEhV

Note: For those that have more than one address in the game, the points you score in task 1-3 counts for all addresses, while task four is individual to each address.

Happy playing.....
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Elimination round 1 Result

Very very strange and unexpected result. Only two addresses answered any of the tasks! Task four to be specific. Meaning they returned 1 dstra. So this round eliminated all but two of the 18 addresses, as 16 of the addresses received zero point. I cannot eliminate the two with the lowest points too, as nobody would be left. Had just one more send 1 dstra return, we would have been done :)

Hmmm very strange result. Just have to have a moment on how to proceed….

D5dqBT1nKMQZvrBbMgvt9dSVBkzdkRRsW7  Eliminated!
D5rPh8hhwP1yRcch7YmeTMRaRZDkPoHdSm  Eliminated!
D7cAfU28XeCdTdDZt4kemQkxthw66b3wtZ  Eliminated!
DAGvKwb6nfCBpXbNgxJw6mJUjUpz7bZHt2  Eliminated!
DBSvaPX5C6zfkrbXQQSqys19MuSWPAGgRL  Eliminated!
DDRVS57LdTMnjfBso6YpVC6obxZ24o623z  Eliminated!
DDVLeRzxCdJGpYdDDK9HFZZ12WFmecKRyA  Eliminated!
DF5VksB26gWpWrrbW964fuUxdmddeMFDNz  Eliminated!
DGQjKKVZh8BkFCh6rLbVsQWXiEsCCw2Utv  sherwinsamsung 17 points
DHabU82AeYTLxJahB5T54MBHfN25FhqNcm  Eliminated!
DHf6W6fPJTfiKP978ovbNLdRtBXK4cqZsa  Eliminated!
DHLy9CqtJpSix8A9rCHap8qdYbJ2WLbpoE  hardinero007 18 points
DJ21nctj9WSQkEdxjcB1kNktauCWKspY1V  Eliminated!
DJcKNHrgU4HacDH4pzZZNPtnkEBVg8J6tT  Eliminated!
DKeYWGvq3SPLrZQuzYKNBcHvb7cEQ4TQcV  Eliminated!
DKXZej3iHugASaq1bT3udZz4XQnsBKGxGT  Eliminated!
DUR37rmrDa4ARJqCGEj2vyDB47dprYYvAg  Eliminated!
@hardinero007 just send all the answers to all tasks. Well done, past deadline and not needed, but never the less well done (y)
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The timing of the final was not nice at all. First day back to work so I didn't have time to work on the tasks. Congratulations to the ones that made it.


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hi, do we have next round?
Yes working on it :) Took me by surprise that we went all the way down to two players left in one go! None of the prepared games really works (read fun) for only two players. Many of the games are designed to bring it down to one from 3-4-5-6 players. So I’m kind of improvising right now :)
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The timing of the final was not nice at all. First day back to work so I didn't have time to work on the tasks. Congratulations to the ones that made it.
I know, sorry about that. Hard to make a perfect time for the entire planet. Time zones, work day, xmas…. lot of stuff


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Elimination round 2 - and the Final!

Goes for @sherwinsamsung and @hardinero007

Task: Get the transaction in the correct block

The two remaining players will be send 5 dstra each. Your task is to send 1 dstra return to the sender in 5 specified blocks, or as close as possible. E.g. the return transaction must appear in the specified blocks. You hit the very block and you get 3 points, one block off 2 point and 2 blocks off 1 point. Anything else is zero point. Winner of the grand final is the one with most points. If equal we run it one more time.

The blocks you must hit (we are at writing at block: 17658)
Block : 177700
Block : 177720
Block : 177730
Block : 177735

Block : 177738

Sender : DT7ThMKudKtcM84LKoe1v7RFQKaGesbEhV

=============Result so far===========
Block 177698-02
@sherwinsamsung = 0

@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177718-22
@sherwinsamsung = 0

@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177728-32
@sherwinsamsung = 0

@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177733-37
@sherwinsamsung = 0

@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177736-40
@sherwinsamsung = 0

@hardinero007 = 0

hmmmm :rolleyes:
Apperently nobody actually wants the prize…..

One more try……

The blocks you must hit (we are at writing at block: 17754)
Block : 177800
Block : 177820
Block : 177830
Block : 177835

Block : 177838

Block 177798-02
@sherwinsamsung = 0
@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177818-22
@sherwinsamsung = 0
@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177828-32
@sherwinsamsung = 0
@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177833-37
@sherwinsamsung = 0
@hardinero007 = 0
Block 177836-40
@sherwinsamsung = 0
@hardinero007 = 0

hmmmm very strange….. :unsure::rolleyes:
None of the finalists wanna play it seems….. :coffee:
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Xmas advent calendar game final did not finish properly.

First round eliminated 16 of 18 addresses. Not enough turned up to play. At the final, meaning just round two, the two remaining did not turn up either, despite running the same game twice :unsure: So I still got this final prize available.

So here is the deal: we are going to run some sort of game in early January.

:coffee: All 18 claimed addresses are in the game again.
:coffee: 16 addresses that did not get claimed, but got the required 10+ dstra, are also up for playing again, if they are claimed!
:coffee: Door 21 and 23 of the Xmas advent calendar are still not open, if they get opened, those that miss a few coins, still have to opportunity to get the missing and thus get into the game.
:coffee: This time it is final! If nobody shows up for the game, I’ll buy sushi dinner for the @Admin for the prize instead, or a diamante ring for the wife!

Identify / claim your address/addresses for the final elimination game of the Xmas advent calendar game.
Any reward will be send to one of these addresses, so it makes no sense to claim an address you don’t own (have in your wallet).
If you own more than one, claim them all, it might or might not help you during the final game. Identity both with forum and discord name. If you don’t want it to be known, send it to me privately (forum or discord), else just write it here in this thread.

D5dqBT1nKMQZvrBbMgvt9dSVBkzdkRRsW7  undercover guy 004
D5rPh8hhwP1yRcch7YmeTMRaRZDkPoHdSm  undercover guy 004
D7cAfU28XeCdTdDZt4kemQkxthw66b3wtZ  undercover guy 006
D7jTmHLNcPud3aXahKNZ8Z43HPygGpLipk  undercover guy 008
D7Ju3fxTGeA9mqRKpFDgqsjCxCdiU7Msa1  undercover guy 007
DA1FvSWpMF5pjBqL6YTFPYchTPz2Te2hLx  undercover guy 008
DA4ULCR8xEVEt8jLpDGiFWWmEjEUsBc3YP  undercover guy 008
DAGvKwb6nfCBpXbNgxJw6mJUjUpz7bZHt2  HappySun / HappySun
DBkaA3LWirZ2h6k7u4XC62PjX2z5HUEccU  undercover guy 008
DBSvaPX5C6zfkrbXQQSqys19MuSWPAGgRL  undercover guy 002
DC3oNy2R9ugcEBLrXqJuEBkVjK5YnPy1RT  undercover guy 008
DCPxk7iPthwkNL6pxcbYbDtAKP4zZQA7Tu  undercover guy 008
DDRVS57LdTMnjfBso6YpVC6obxZ24o623z  undercover guy 001
DDVLeRzxCdJGpYdDDK9HFZZ12WFmecKRyA  undercover guy 002
DF5VksB26gWpWrrbW964fuUxdmddeMFDNz  undercover guy 002
DFSyZSTziTKKJJvCApsezyZiFyDcRk2Ub8  undercover guy 007
DGQjKKVZh8BkFCh6rLbVsQWXiEsCCw2Utv  sherwinsamsung / sherwinsamsung
DHabU82AeYTLxJahB5T54MBHfN25FhqNcm  undercover guy 003
DHf6W6fPJTfiKP978ovbNLdRtBXK4cqZsa  undercover guy 004
DHLy9CqtJpSix8A9rCHap8qdYbJ2WLbpoE  hardinero007 / hardinero007
DJ21nctj9WSQkEdxjcB1kNktauCWKspY1V  undercover guy 005
DJCED4ZpS4LGgQD2PnWS2kDsMHDDYFVZzb  undercover guy 004
DJcKNHrgU4HacDH4pzZZNPtnkEBVg8J6tT  undercover guy 004
DKeYWGvq3SPLrZQuzYKNBcHvb7cEQ4TQcV  Raypok / Raypok
DKMaGuVLTztX1Kge2pdv9PTzeBvxmtgxo1  undercover guy 007
DKXZej3iHugASaq1bT3udZz4XQnsBKGxGT  undercover guy 004
DLBQty1Bk7rAQLYW2hVRzEHSpLEfUuSzom  undercover guy 008
DNfPEqDHEtY2ckRJYHifFuJqxsvLnTJ3KD  undercover guy 008
DQZo5LqmQRN7v3nwYDLQHjmNf8NDjh3gNk  undercover guy 008
DUR37rmrDa4ARJqCGEj2vyDB47dprYYvAg  undercover guy 002


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I am looking forward to the final game.
I hope it will be held at evening that I can participate.
(Because I know it is the worldwide game, I said "hope" hehe)