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Telegram Advertisement for DSTRA


Junior Member
its really good idea.I agree with you
Telegram is easy to use and maybe even popular than discord,I think lot of telegram users dosnt know about discord


Junior Member
I also do not like telegram.
However, I think that I can use more as one of PR channels of this coin.
Or it may be useful for light users to know the information on this coin. In that sense, I thought that I could enrich the telegram channel a little more.


Junior Member
Although I have a telegram account, I don’t think it is a good medium for advertisement. An official telegram channel for announcement is enough.


Junior Member
I have telegram but i rarely use it, i dont think its one of the best platforms to promote a coin, imo twitter is way better


Junior Member
When I joined crypto, I used telegram a lot. But since i started using discord, the difference is clear. I prefer discord to telegram. Whoever that can have telegram in his phone or PC, can equally have discord as well. You just need to download it. I'm not saying dstra telegram should be disregarded but discord should be the number one chatting platform.


Junior Member
Yes we can use Telegram to advertise DSTRA and to make them join here in our forum and discord channel. Making the Telegram group active is also a big help but this is not required in the airdrop stakes which is understandable because it is hard to monitor and check it for airdrop percentage.


Junior Member
i think this is a good idea to have a dstra telegram. i think if they have dstra telegram channel they attract more people and faster to grow our community
well it wouldn't be that bad to be more active on telegram although I really don't like this app for obvious reasons as stated in the first post