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Suggestion for those who want detailed translation


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:dstraheart: Honored greeting. :dstraheart:

I would like to enter the subject without an adjective

Why is there no translation point at every sentence or word to make it easier to work and progress for someone who has a weakness in understanding some words or some discussion? :censored:
Do you support the idea and this proposal ??! :cry:
Thank :love:


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Yes, I think if there is a tool that helps with translation.
DSTRA will go further and further because all positions will be easy for everyone, and everyone will be able to understand with the language they prefer and want.


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i want this proposal thanks to you @SofienG. i do agree for this so everyone can get easy access for our forum.
maybe you can use extension in the chrome for auto translation thats only for my opinion


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I want a tool that helps everyone to translate
(everyone: they want to understand or translate in their preferred language, which makes it easier for them to understand all the topics)
Thank you


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Staff member
You can use the addon as my mates have said or you can translate sentence by sentence using google translation website.
I know your feeling, i am really ready to help if needed


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Thank you brother, but this method is old for some of us We wanted to have the same possibility of translation to make it easier for those who have trouble understanding some tasks