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Search engine bounty

Suggestion of bounty can be done for many search engine.
Yahoo search engine bounty to increase the ranking of official website

Required steps:
Including details of website ranking in the search engine and snapshot as proof :)

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mako jr

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i don't think this would help a lot, only a very small percentage people find new coin from search engine, mostly focus on social media or bct
not really need too much amount of bounty ;)
what I mean was a little bounty for the community to help to push up DSTRA and related keyword to find our website :unsure:
popularity was very important to influence ppl to join DSTRA :dstraheart:
Are you talking about SEO?
This is a kind of "trick" to create organic visit (traffic) to a site and somehow the google algo saw this and give high ranking. It can consider small part of SEO.

the keyword DSTRA should be easy, if we want to focus on other keywords, the website team should optimize it a bit in the back end.
"DSTRA" keyword maybe not suitable to be choosed.
I tried already and checked that DSTRA already in top 1-2 almost all search ranking ;)

maybe other word can be used to boost search into DSTRA official website:dstraheart:
em. didnt get it. what it has with SEO. Especially if you will search for 'dstra xxxx'. It won't make no impact on ranking for some crucial keywords. If you want to increase visibility of DSTRA in search engines you can simply start from creating backlincks to forum threads. For example, links on social media, forums etc. But anyway those links will be mostly no-follow links, thus, no juice for page rank. Anyways i can talk here lots about SEO as i have been working with SEO for a long time.


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that could help but without a program that would count your 20 secs there will be no way of showing us that you kept the page opened for that time


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How can SEO help promoting DSTRA anyway? I don't see a need for this honestly, most people are looking for cryptocurrencies info on BCT (it's already like a google for cryptocurrencies)