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Remember: save your wallet private key !


Junior Member
Yes saving private key is important but saving your wallet.dat backup file will do. You can access your private key anytime as long as you have your backup.


Junior Member
Make sure to save many backups of your private keys and put it in a safe device, also set a password to that device, but make sure you will remember it!!


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also don't forget to make multiple backups and don't have them all in the same house either in the event of a house fire, then all is lost
no one expects a house fire, probably the next story you here about some having millions of USD worth in crypto and their house burns down with all their backups inside


Junior Member
This is the most important thing to do in every wallet that we have, to have a backup of the private key. This tutorial is very useful for all who aren't aware of how important this is. Thanks for this guide.


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one thing is different types of hard drives too, lets say for instance there was a manufacturing issue with a particular batch of one brand of hard drive and all your back ups are stored on that batch that probably fail together, bit of a stretch but hey, i have purchased faulty equipment before as well


Junior Member
yep dont put all the eggs in one basket. I keep my backups spread across several places. Malfunctioned hard drive will take down your wallet and backup as well.