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Remember about Your Privacy


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Guys, i think you see how our world is turning into non-privacy world. Big Data scraping, identity reverse engineering etc. Your private data can be aggregated and sold or misused.
I recommend to check Privacy settings and turn off not needed public disclosure of your data.

Basically go to https://forum.dstra.io/account/privacy and go through the list.



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Indeed privacy is a big issue today, and if we think how much data we put online I think 99% of us are not private anymore. Thanks for the tutorial anyway.


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I'm not suggesting that our coin becomes a copycat of some other coins, but it will also help if we introduced some privacy features to our coin as well.
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Yeah privacy is a big concern nowadays. Thanks for reminding. Also, I unchecked the email notification since I do not want to get a lot of emails in my inbox every day.


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yeah with today's data leakage i thought it would be good to think of privacy here as well. since we share addresses, btcprofiles, discord etc
Yes i agree security in crypto is a big concern especially nowadays there are some entities trying to collect information for airdrop/bounty for their own gain. Thanks for sharing.