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Regarding Hans' email to members

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Hyper Kat!
Staff member
Hello @everyone ,

You might have got an email from Hans, together with info about his new project.

Doing this already is a big warning sign to that project. He is messing with our data, which should have been used carefully as a protection of members' privacy. Through using our data for his own good his credibility and integrity as former team member and now, new project dev/founder, is going downhill.

Sadly, we can't do anything about this as he has our data ransomed and now he is exposing it. All we can advise to you is asking him to have your data removed - if he would allow that.

We at DSTRA didn't do this kind of act, when we were launching DSTRA from F0ME. We never took advantage of the old project's data, even if we have had access to it. We made sure that you joining our project is done on your own free will and that you have provided your data to us, for us to use in our airdrop, all in your own will.

Regarding the text you received from him we don't want further discussions about the things that happened. We got the chatlogs about blackmailing us for data migration saved and don't see the need for releasing them as proof of our credibility. His statements about his work again are only half-truths as most of the tasks were done collaboratively. In no way he was the "manager of the airdrops". His only real sole achievement was his registration bot - and that's where the abused data originate from.

We request that if you ever come across his project, BE WARY of your privacy.

Please keep in mind, that we aren't involved in this mail/project in any way and will always protect your data. This is and will always be a part of our foundation.

The DSTRA Team


Junior Member
Got that Email also.never going to join his project as he showed is real face in dstra.He cant be a reliable person.
Anyway,thanks admins for informing us and we are with dstra,will be always with dstra:dstraheart:


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I dont think you can trust someone who is blackmailing the team hes working with and then uses data from stolen database for his own personal gain, therefore i dont recommend anyone to join his project as he might regret it later on
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