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Regarding Forum Ranks

We have at least 20 airdrop round, each airdrop you post 40 message, you can be active member by the end.
200 message/airdrop (100/week) if you want senior.
12k messages = 300 messages/week = around 40 messages/day...wow.


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I can see some big numbers here, i really want to become a legendary here.but, looks quite hard but not impossible.
If there will be a bounty for first Legendary members, then, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED lol


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[QUOTE = "xTrisx, post: 9426, üye: 1"] Herkese merhaba,

Aşağıda forum sıralarıyla ilgili bazı bilgiler bulabilirsiniz:

  • Junior Member - 25 Mesajlar
  • Üye - 400 Mesaj
  • Aktif Üye - 800 Mesaj
  • Kıdemli Üye - 4000 Mesaj
  • Profesyonel Üye - 8000 Mesaj
  • Efsane Üye - 12000 Mesaj
Very dificult


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Well was looking for this information. Seems hard to reach top3 ranks with just quality posts, so i will set my goal at reaching active member rank end of the year.
With as much as quality posts, don't want to be a spammer;)