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Quick Guide to MN Creation (hot-cold, Win-Linux)


Staff member
WINDOWS wallet (your local wallet)
1) Create a new receive address - let's label it MN1
2) Send 30k to that address and wait for 15 confirmations
3) Once you have those 15 ticks, open Console and type:
 masternode genkey
 masternode outputs
Note those two and move to Linux
1) Login as root
2) Type:
cd /home 
mkdir dstra 
cd ./dstra 
wget https://github.com/DSTRACoin/dstra/releases/download/v1.0.0/dstra2-v1.0.0-linux-amd64.tar.xz 
tar -xJf dstra2-v1.0.0-linux-amd64.tar.xz
Then launch daemon ->
It will show you that you need to set up few things in the config
- copy that rpcs that it shows you
- nano /root/.dstra2/dstra.conf
- right click (so it will paste those rpcs)
- server=1
- daemon=1
- masternode=1
- externalip= here you have to type the IP of your VPS and then port :5269 (like:
- masternodeprivkey= here you have to paste the code recieved from local wallet for masternode genkey command
- press Ctrl+X, save

Kill the deamon (or switch it off), start again (so it will get proper config loaded)

Then move back to your Win wallet, close it, go to %APPDATA% and edit masternode.conf and type there:
<Name of Masternode(Use the name e.g. MN1)> <Unique IP address>:5269 <masternodeprivkey that was generated> <masternodeoutput result> <The number after the long line in masternodeoutput - it will be 0 or 1>
for example: MN1 892WPpkqbr7sr6Si4fdsassadasdasdasdasdah c8f496asdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasd73e7331db8ce018716999 1
start Win wallet, go to MN tab and click on your MN -> start alias
you should get info 'masternode successfully started'
Keep in mind to forward the port on the router since this is not mentioned above (it was mentioned in the other MN guide)
When I completed the guide I could not get it started, after a lot of debugging together with Serathy we finaly found it.
So I used Windows wallet where the coins are and a Pi to be the masternode.
In the end got it started by using the console -> startmasternode all false


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Thanks for this, I am looking to create a masternode and see the reward vs cost ratio. Just waiting to get a few more coins from CREX24 and the airdrop.
It is about to be more profitable, but in the future the age of the masternodes might weigh in to the profites so the earlier you get it running...
Altough not sure about how this is exactly...