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Protests in Paris support Bettkin against the printing of unsupported paper currency

Do you think that the protests in Paris have nothing to do with the currency of decomposition. you are wrong ! Because the main reason for these protests is not high taxes, but the printing of unsupported paper money that destroys the savings of citizens and purchasing power.

Banknotes and cash are the root of all evils
The French capital Paris is burning, and it is now experiencing the worst wave of protests since the 1960s. Video footage of the yellow-jacketed protesters shows street clashes, police beating stones and leaving shops, cars and infrastructure in the city prey to angry gunfire.

The protests reportedly resulted from a significant increase in government taxes on goods and services. Especially as the middle class in France is suffering from rising prices for basic necessities such as fuel and transportation costs.

The French government is known for its high taxes as President Emmanuel Macaron's government struggles to cover the costs of its social programs and other expenses. It has also recently imposed a tax on softening and is currently studying a 30% fixed tax on all digital currency gains.

At the same time, the purchasing power of the euro (and all the other currencies in the world) has declined significantly over time, with many paper money printed with nothing to support and placed for trading at a low rate of currency.
Austerity policies and printing more paper currencies
Therefore, the austerity policy imposed by the French government seems to be putting a lot of pressure on the nerves of the French, who now have sufficient knowledge that the quality of life is deteriorating in the case of a paper currency that is slipping over time. While governments are now printing more paper currency to cover deficits in their budgets and continued inflation.

It is worth mentioning that the French have discovered that the cost of living is constantly rising and that the value of paper currencies is decreasing with the same continuity. They also knew that cash and paper money were a hidden tax on the people, weakening purchasing power and unceasingly plowing citizens' savings.

Bobby Lee, the co-founder of BTC China, has already pointed to this fact, as the cost of living has been attributed to governments printing unsupported funds.

Paris supporters support the formation
It is known that the number of figurine coins is limited to only 21 million. This fact does not only make this currency politically neutral, but also makes its purchasing power linked to markets and away from government interventions and policies.

Gold is one of the best examples of money that is determined by free markets without the intervention of governments or central banks. It is therefore not surprising that this valuable metal is a valuable asset and a safe haven for government intervention.

Just a few minutes ago, a number of protesters appeared wearing yellow jackets with books on their backs saying, "Buy the bottle." This is the biggest evidence that people have come to see that Betkin is a way out of the worn-out financial systems that exist now.

Protests in Paris support Bettkin against the printing of unsupported paper currency

The more people realize that the current financial system is a fake game for money-makers at the expense of citizens, the more likely a change scenario will occur in the coming stages.

France, in particular, could become a hotbed for adoption in the near future. Sites recently reported that thousands of French tobacco shops across the country known as "Tabaks" are expected to sell ducklings starting next month.


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Interesting analisys. I still think that virtual currencies will win in the long run. I am not just sure which one will be the first...will it be Bitcoin ? Will it be Ethereum, who knows?