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Proposal for new rewards

HODLer bonus to include purchased DSTRA???

  • YES

  • NO

  • another reward/bonus/airdrop for buyer

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As You Think, You Shall Become!
Staff member
I have been having some changes in mind after all these times, why do we focus so much on the price and allocating so much time planning many kinds of rewards/ways just to hold the price, while by simply making constant improvements on the technology and the usage of DST itself will make more and more people want to hold it?


Junior Member
yes, it's good to have some sort of bonus based on the amount of dst you hold. but I suggest there be a cap based on running ad round. example of this.. lets say 3k for every round. meaning 15k on 5th airdrop, 24k by 8th ad, 45k on 15th airdrop.