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Proposal for AD Guides

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There is no clear guide for the airdrops happening every round. Just suggesting that someone should make one every each time of Airdrops.


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We have one already on our discord, it is made by Serathy:
Key areas to remember about when you register for another Airdrop round:
a) Open chat with dstra-butler bot (dstra-butler#7423)
b) Type -wallet YouWalletHere (e.g. –wallet D7091230912309a)
c) Type –email YourEmailHere (e.g. –email [email protected])
d) Type –bct LinkToYourProfile (e.g. https: //bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=xxx)
Above steps are crucial if:
a) You want to get a reward from DISCORD activity
b) You want to get reward for BCT Signaturec) You want to get rewards from forum & Gleam

a) Register using the same email you used in DISCORD registration. If you have selected another one, log to your profile and change it.
b) In your profile find a line for DSTRA wallet address and put there the same address you registered with the bot Above is essential if you want to receive reward for forum’s activity. If any of those are missing – you will receive no coins for forum input.

a) At 1st step you are asked to put your wallet – put the same address you registered with the bot. Don’t put anything and don’t skip this field – it is a key for any Gleam/SocialMedia related activities(edited)

a) Use the signature provided on DSTRA website, respective to your BCT rank.
b) Leave it there for the whole AD period and be active – we’re doing several checks to prove you have it on your profile!

a) If you use e.g. staking bot, make sure that you have withdrawn the funds to the wallet you registered with dstra-butler before the end of Airdrop happens. Then keep those funds in that walletfor next few days (e.g. in case there is a cross check of balances) and transfer them back to bot on new AD start.
b) Check that your coins aren’t on a change address! If you send coins without using coin control and selecting your initial address as custom change address, your wallet will generate a new address for your change. Our check will result negative, if your coins are on a change address!
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