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Private key dumping for Dstra v2 wallet


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Because we are swapping dstra to v2, you need to dump your private key. In this instant “dump” means retrieve you private key. There are a number of reasons why you want to retrieve your private key. Keep it safe, transfer from one device to another (computer maybe),make a paper wallet or in this case transfer your wallet from one blockchain to another. Dstra is terminating the current blockchain (now called v1), and replacing it with a new (called v2). Your Private Key is like your pin code for your credit card, the authorization to your bank account, or the code for your safety box. Keep is safe.
Now let me make is fully clear; do not reveal your private key to anybody. Let me say this again, DO NOT REVEAL YOUR PRIVATEKEY TO ANYBODY! Ok maybe your wife / girlfriend would like it, - ahh no! Do not reveal your private key to anybody. Period. Make a testament; write it in that, fair enough. Other than that, do not reveal your private key to anybody! Ok enough of that.


You have your wallet, that’s the dstra software you run. In this wallet there can be one or more addresses. There are two kinds of addresses, those you made yourself and the so called “change” addresses. Here is an image of those that I made. These are my purposely made addresses in my wallet. If you did not make any yourself, you will only have one; possibly don’t even have a name.

2018-08-13 (1).png

“Change” addresses, you might or might not have. If you never send anything out, you have none. If you have sent out, you might have one or more. They are a little harder to find and see. First you need to enable “coin control”, found like this: Choose “settings” on top, then “options” in the pull down menu and then select sheet “Display”. Looks like this:

2018-08-13 (2).png

Once enabled, apply and close. Go to “send” in the left bar. You will see at button named “inputs...” press it. Looks like this:

2018-08-13 (5).png

This is an overview of all your coins in your wallet and which addresses they actually reside on. Here you will find the solution to a typical problem, goes something like this; I’m part of Airdrop xxx, I must hold 1000 coins to participate. I have 1000 coins in my wallet, but admin keeps annoying me that I only have 600. True, you might have 1000 coins in your wallet, but they reside on different addresses and only one address counts in an airdrop. This counting airdrop address apparently does not hold enough in your case.

Anyway here you also will find the so-called “change” addresses. These are addresses made by the software, because it did not know what to do with the rest (change) of a transaction. So it made a new address and put it here. Basically; you have 12 coins, but send out 10 coins, what to do with the rest? Software does not know, so it made a new address and put the rest (change) two coins there.

And why am I telling you all this? It’s because every address in your wallet has a private key, those you made and change addresses also. And you want to get all your coins out, from all addresses. Easy way is of course to combine all addresses into one, but this is not the purpose of this guide/info.

So now in my wallet I have five purposely made addresses, namely;
Caribbean island FGMJ5xPLXoeNq25DrCRQXYwwS27jyf3LDH
Donald trump bribe FRiW3UjQmLtAjjn721dvewtm9wwbxN5ycC
Dstra Airdrop FH8ZxAw8kUYx8goCVpdQ77pCxGhb9Roq3E
House keeping FBhXPLTtfwR5FMeukicPwrbNs5ZVtJtY4Z

Only two of these actually hold coins, as can be seen from the image above. But I also have a rest (change) address, namely; FV4jw9oUSsKDJNiqgdsA3Dagbk1QQVdu7u It looks like it’s the Donald trump address that has the coins, but it is not. This is a separate change address. It’s leftover from a transaction with the Donald trump address.

Point is you need all your addresses for the coming dstra swap, in order to insure that you get all your coins over to the new v2 blockchain.

Retrieving your private key(s)
You retrieve your private key(s) so you can import them in the new dstra v2 wallet / blockchain.
Save those keys and addresses, in say notepad, and store that file somewhere safe. Here is how you do it. Go to “help” on top, select “Debug window”, and choose sheet “console”. Like this;

2018-08-13 (6).png

I have prepared a notepad text file, with all my addresses.

2018-08-13 (7).png

Now I’m going to dump my private keys for each address, using the command “dumpprivkey <dstraaddress>”, in the console window, like this;
**Note if your wallet is encrypted, you have to unlock it first!**

2018-08-13 (8).png

Six times I write dumpprivkey <dstraaddress>”, for each of my addresses, and thus get six private keys. Ending up with a nice little text doc looking like this;

2018-08-13 (9).png

Now you are ready to import all your addresses, thus your full wallet, when the new Dstra v2 wallet come out.
Happy keying…..


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Thank you moses for this guide on how to dump the private keys on the DSTRA wallet. I'm sure many newbies will find convenient to do this from now on. I'm sharing this to friends.