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Multisend tool in Wallet, a little guide


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Multisend is a nice little tool for automatizing the process of sending out payment, if you are hosting a shared masternode or the staking reward, if you are hosting a shared wallet. It does not do anything you cannot do manual also, this just makes it a little easier and automatic. There is some drawback though.

A shared masternode is if you don’t have all the coins required for hosting a masternode on your own; you might want to put your coins together with one or more others, to achieve the required amount. A shared wallet could be that you are capable of running your wallet 24/7 while others are not. So you get their coins and run them in your wallet, for maximum staking.

In both cases you will need to every now and then send out some reward to the different members of your wallet/masternode. Multisend is just the tool that does it easy and automatic for you, with a few drawbacks though!

We might as well take the drawback right away, because it might be the thing that makes this tool not useful for you. What is lacking in the tool is threshold control, sadly! The only threshold control that is available for the tool is confirmations and you cannot manage that either. Too bad. When a stake or reward matures for 100 confirmations it is ready to be send out. On the 101 confirmation is will be send out to the different addresses entered. No other control is available.

Now don’t worry about fee, - it will cost a fee every time the automatic sends out, but it is so low that you can make about 45.000 of these transactions, before it will have cost you 1 dstra! So no worries. What is more a problem are the tiny transactions. When a MN reward arrives in your wallet, and say you have five receivers and the current MN reward is 0.375 dstra, they will each receive 0.075 dstra, every time. Flooding each wallet with tiny amounts, practical incapable of receiving staking reward by themselves. You cannot accumulate incoming and then send out, not with this tool anyway. Major drawback!

Anyway here we go….

First you will find Multisend in the top left corner under Settings, like this;
2018-10-18 (1).png
2018-10-18 (2).png

Tab in an address in the Address field and a % in the Percentage field, press Add,like this;

2018-10-18 (7).png

You now got an address in your Multisend vector, database if you wish. Add as many as you like. The percentage cannot surpass 100%. It will let you know if it does, you will not be able to add then. The percentage is of course the % amount of a stake / reward that is send to a give address. If you want to delete an already entered address, type it in again and press Delete. If you entered the same address more than once, just keep typing it in to delete, like this;

2018-10-18 (9).png

If you got a whole horde of addresses in your vector, it can be a problem seeing it on this small screen. Instead go to debug console under Tools in the top left corner and type Multisend Print, like this;

2018-10-18 (10).png

Now you got your addresses and are ready to activate them. Select either “Send For Stakes” or “Send For Masternode Rewards” or both. Meaning if a Stake arrives in your wallet it will be divided up in the percentage you have entered and send to the respective addresses entered. Same with a masternode reward or if you have selected both. Now press Activate, and it begins. This is an all or nothing. You cannot select stake/MN reward for individual addresses. The “lightning” icon in the lower right corner of the wallet will now say that Multisend is active.

What happens now is that when your wallet stakes or receives a masternode reward, depending on what you selected, this amount will remain in your wallet till it has 100 confirmations, on the 101 it will be split up and send out to the different addresses.

This works for new transactions, from after you activated Multisend. Previous stakes/reward is unaffected.


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Thanks for instruction, proud of our dev team, they really done their best.
The wallet looks professional with a lot good features.


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hi guys, does dstra has sharenodes available? I havn't reached the required 30k dst to become a masternode. sharenodes will be good option for those who have not reached the required coin amount.


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thanks for the info
i had see this "multisend" fonction but i hadnt look for what it was, my bad, it's very helpfull
its not a major incovenient in case of shared MN because in all case we will need merge all MN reward to be able to stake