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More social media activity needed

actually, gleam can be very good for Twitter post Retweet task monitor, it automatic done retweet just a click
team can test gleam for twitter task ;)
nope, you just go register for free gleam and you will know
the gleam use auto link to twitter, meaning post automatic tweeted and cannot be cheated ;)
other also got but not for free member use
these auto tweet/share function much more easy to handle that posting picture in discord or use google form that need manual check.


Junior Member
Have you recently disseminated social AD spreads and information?
Information other than airdrop is also available, but I think that we can also approach people interested in block chains.
gleam is just a bonus for me. although i think it is redundant. the only thing that's useful there is twitter tweets and retweets, which may increase awareness. however, the project managers can use other means to count tweets/retweets instead of gleam.