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Masternode info?

I just want to confirm, someone is selling me 13k DSTRA coins for 800 sats each as he said it would be for the masternode, but I thought the number of coins for one masternode is 30,000 not 13,000? which one is correct?
dstra wallet v2 will be out very soon. probably in 2 weeks. coinswap will be done for members who filled up the form that is currently available on dstra discord server. those who didn't fill up the form will forfeit their dst v2 coins.
What will be benefits of MN for DSTRA? a few candidates:

  • Increase the privacy of transactions?
  • Help carry out instant transactions?
  • Allow for voting on proposals to improve the coins?
  • Enable a treasury system in the cryptocurrency market?
I hope team publishes WP so we could speak about it more clearly