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Make DSTRA a stable crypto


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DSTRA dudes, I have a suggestion, let me first explain it in a sentence :

~Make DSTRA a stable liquid crypto~

How it works?
~For our coin with a super low volume and only one exchange and a bag of coin in foundation it is not so hard: Use a part of fund to make sell/buy walls on one exchange. ~

What are the benefits:
1- New idea makes hope
2- Stability is a need for a payment system (no matter what the price is, it could be very low at the beginning as it is right now), with this feature I am sure more participants will come to DSTRA and more volume will be the result, after that we can slowly change the price walls upward.
3- With this idea in work, DSTRA will always offer enough orders to SELL/BUY in off market price.

Simple instruction :
1- BTC is currently shows signs of good stability and we could make buy/sell wall in DSTRA/BTC pair and bring stability, liquidity to the project.
2- We could use a DEX in future to minimize the risk
3- Maybe the hardest part is selling DSTRA on market for BTC to create low wall, I believe with enough promotion in all of social media about the reason why this other will be created it is possible to sell a part at acceptable price (like a small ico), during the period we could stop ADs and support the idea.
4- Ideally wall price discovery should be automated (think about Bancor), using a kind of Bot or something similar but at the beginning the procedure could be manual

Try to build something better, we should be brave, trying new things.The market will welcome new ideas, and if it fails we will test a better solution. We should not stay in a hope of a bull run to dump our coins, it will never happen.
Our @Devs did their best, DSTRA have a wonderful wallet with a lot of advanced features, But currently it is not enough, a payment tool needs to be stable with enough liquidity, for a small network like DSTRA it is possible to make this happen, We could start with low budget and price and step by step add to their amount.


Stable coin usually being peg with real assets from the real world and in most cases they are being peg with USD, what kind of real world assets do you talking about being pegged with DSTRA?

For more exchanges for easy liquidation I agree but again DSTRA team has funds to do so which is called donations and if I'm not wrong they put the price at 1000 satoshi per DSTRA and our market value for each DSTRA is under 50 sats which make our donations fund is useless.

Great suggestion dude, keep em coming !


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it would be too risky to use the funds for pulling up the price. other holders will take advantage of this and will dump their coins if the desired price differs the ongoing price by wide margin. like now the ongoing price is 50 sats and desired price is 1000 sats. pulling the price to 1000 sats would just bring unnecessary profit for those selling under 1000 sats. we can use the funds in some better ways.


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It sound risky that DSTRA link with BTC now. At moment we don’t have a lot of BTC back up the price. May be this would be good idea if our community become very big and famous one day or DSTRA can be used in some platform. We need to focus generate more income at moment. Maybe we can create a DSTRA faucet with pop up advertising, so we will get little advertising income.


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the price of dst coins, as like in majority of the crypto currencies, are based on supply and demand. we cannot peg this coin to btc or any fiat without good amount of collateral. and if we have the collateral and peg this coin, at what price will we peg this to? too high, people will sell their coins. too low, people will buy too many but nobody will be willing to sell. so the pegging system will not work and it will eventually turn into supply/demand price again.


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In basics your idea is good but as said here creating volume with own funds is risky because of dumping. So better expand the name of DSTRA and hopefully the team can deliver on new features in the future. Price and volume will follow if the projects keep developing as it does now.


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Although it is a good idea, I think it is a condition to make a unique DEX exchange.
If that is possible DSTRA can secure liquidity, so paradoxically its idea may not be necessary.


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In the end the coin just needs a purpose, buy or trade stuff with it, we gonna need some more peep to get it more spread out, that is always the main issue


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It is similar like cash, if people have cash, they need to spend the cash for shopping and pay for their bills, so the paper cash can be flow in the sociality, and there are bank to save and restore the paper cash, so the paper cash will be recycled, this way make the paper cash has a stable value. How can we find a way to spend DST not only on exchange? May be we can start in our community first, use DST to buy lottery tickets; join fun game, watch movies, buy items and so on. If we can make DST flow in the community, it would be a big huge progress and will make DST good value.
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always crypto coin weaknessess will be usability :unsure:
if DSTRA can break through usage, then DSTRA confirm can be a stable crypto coin :dstraheart:
Wow! Great idea. I've been thinking of ideas for dstra, but stable coin never entered my thought process. Although I agree about why dstra is not ready, we should keep it mind for the future.


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It's always risky if you try to mess up with the price of a crypto coin... I'd better avoid these kind of experiments...