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How To Move DSTRA Data from System Disk


Junior Member
target OS: Windows

As most of you know, DSTRA data is stored by default on your system disk drive (say, disk C: ) in AppData\Roaming folder.
As blockchain grows so is memory taken by Coin folder on your hard drive.
There are situations when you face lack of storage on Disk C or, for instance, you want to keep you DSTRA blockchain on some external disk.

Steps to move your DSTRA data to different place:

1. run command prompt (cmd)

2. now create symbolic link using 'mklink' command
mklink /J C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\DSTRA F:\DSTRA
change disk C path accordingly to your username and F disk to the location where you want to link.

You are done. Go to AppData/Roaming folder and you will see linked folder
So by doing this, the data of the wallet can be stored in a different place ? This is cool ! but if we re install the OS, we have to do this again to point the new wallet to new place again?