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How to do the coin swap from F0ME to DSTRA


Junior Member
Hello, below I have written a small how to regarding the coin swap.

1. Download your DSTRA wallet from DSTRA Community Coin | From Community comes Unity https://dstra.io/
2. Navigate to %appdata% folder. (Go to C:/ inside windows explorer and type %appdata% in the address bar)
3. You should identify the F0ME and DSTRA folders.
4. Go to F0ME folder and copy wallet.dat
5. Go to DSTRA folder and paste the file you copied
6. Start DSTRA wallet. Coin swap will be done automatically
7. Enjoy !



Junior Member
Thanks Klax, very clear.
To be a little bit more accurate, folders are in users/UserId/appdata/Roaming
That is true but in order to simplify things I've written that it is enough to type %appdata% from anywhere in the explorer and the system will take you where it is needed.


Junior Member
Thank you Klax.
The video tutorial on https://dstra.io/ on how to do the swap is good too.
It's very easy, just follow the tutorial above or the video and it will be Ok.
I hope you have your old F0me's wallet password to unlock your Dstra wallet after the swap!


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i did encounter problem about the swapping of coin but its ok now .
i hope i found this tutorial too early :D
thanks for this tutorial


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Don't let those F0ME coins go to waste. Good job on creating a tutorial on how to make swap. It's pretty simple but there's still some who get confused on the process.