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How To Check The Expected Time For Stake Rewards Using Wallet Console


Junior Member
I would like to show you how to check the expected time for you to get reward using wallet console..

Launch console (click "Help" -> "Debug window") in your wallet and run 'getstakinginfo' command.

The last value "expectedtime" in this json shows you expected time for reward. It is displayed in seconds. So divide it by 60 to get time in minutes or by 3600 to get time in hours etc.

In case you see "expectedtime":-1 it means you don't have coins that are staking (matured coins). If this is not the problem then check if you wallet is not locked, You should unlock it.



Junior Member
it seems you have your coins not matured. Thunder icon is not active. You just combined blocks into one? Last your transaction today at 15:37. You need to wait to have your coins matured again.
ohh i see thank you now i know what is happening thanks a lot dude.


Junior Member
This command is useful, especially in operating systems that use command-only operations.
In the vps this command is often used, and other command are 'getinfo','listtransactions'


Junior Member
This helps me. I should be trying it now. Just looking at the staking symbol shows inaccurate. I hope this one shows more accurate estimation. Thanks!