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How did you find out about DSTRA ?


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Hey guys, im wondering how did you learned about DSTRA ? I found an article about it on DeepOnion forum, deciced to check it out and im here ever since. :dstraheart:
my friend tell me that have dstra airdrop and i joined. then i read what is dstra. dstra have a good project and hardworking dev team thats why i support this and spread to the world


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I have been in the previous community called F0me and most of people from there , are here now in DSTRA. I believe so that DSTRA in nice and transparent community
An interesting serious project. Wallet quickly syncs. With the function of receiving POS. The coin is traded on the stock exchange, which also pleases. The project has a website, a forum on which a lot of useful information. In general, a lot of advantages, and not a single minus. It is a pity that I learned about the project late. I wish the project development and good luck!