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Exciting news! DSTRA exchange listing


Junior Member
Hello everybody,

Today I bring you exciting news where many of you waited on: We have paid the listing fees to be listed on Crex24 (DSTRA/BTC)!
After being processed and reviewed by the exchange, I hope we are listed soon.

Meanwhile testing the V2 wallet is in progress, and so far only a few bugs have been found.

Last but not least we have send the remaining AD4 rewards for everybody who didn't receive them yet.
We also expect to send AD5 shortly!
This is great news and finally we are getting some good news regarding it's listing.


DSTRA Moderator
Staff member
This is great exchange news! Crex24 is becoming a somewhat popular exchange, and they seem to be listing both newer coins as well as known ones and even fiat. Will be good for growth of DSTRA.


Junior Member
This is a very exciting thing I can't wait to see the starting price of DSTRA, I hope it will get a good price at the exchange just don't dump your coins at low price :D


Junior Member
Wow, this is really good news! I look forward to seeing DSTRA gain more popularity in the exchange! I hope more new community members will join after the listing.


DSTRA Moderator
Staff member
When listed on Crex24, it should be the new DSTRA V2 blockchain so the team will just announce it till further late this Month of August or early month of September..
Yes, that's right. It's all coming together now and there was more work to be done than the v2 wallets and exchange listing (which has already been set and paid for on crex24) to be fully ready for a successful v2 base code update and transition.

This is why we are having AD9 as usually scheduled now.