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[Ended] New Round of KalkulusHUB Voting Bounty


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NEW ROUND OF KalkulusHUB VOTING BOUNTY Time to earn come quick dstra coins.

:love:Help DSTRA get listed on the masternode and staking box hosting site; KalkulusHUB KalkulusHUB https://hub.kalkul.us/vote-coin

:love:Voting starts right now!

:love: Rules

- Vote for DSTRA on Kalkulus; take a screenshot of it. Write you discord name, your vote #number and date on it, and post it on #bounty-kalkul on discord
- Don’t mind you voting from your phone, PC or mom’s PC in one day, just vote big time! With all your help, we can win this vote easy!
- For every vote you post, you will be rewarded one dstra coin.
- Whoever upload every #20 vote (20, 40, 60, etc.) gets additional 5 dstra.
- Whoever upload every #100 vote (100, 200, 300 etc.) gets an additional 20 dstra.
- Double up on all reward if we get listed.
- You are found cheating in any way you will not be paid a dime!

:love: a week+ to go. Boots and glows on and get going right away!

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KalkulusHUB VOTING BOUNTY is over.
Apparently we can just continue to vote, despite the timer have run out? No more votes will be accepted for the bounty. It seems like we made it this round. But we will wait for kalkulus info page to actual says so before we celebrate. We made second place and 779 votes when the timer ran out for Europeans, but seems like the US guys could vote about 8-12 hours more. Very strange, never encounter timezone voting before! As of writing we have 823 votes. Great job guys, thanks a lot for the support.

Payment will have to wait a bit, because it’s double if we get listed. I'll count it all up and wait to see what happens... but don’t worry you will be paid, via tipping on discord.