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yeah your right dstra is very amazing a lot of people supporting this project why? because they seeing a good future in this community and project. the dev are hardworking and the community are very kind and supportive


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Sure this coin is going to be a marvel in the future you have to give it publicity so that it grows and more people join and invest and give it much more market


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I can't really say "Dstra is amazing" that looks like spam for me for the sake of stakes.
I can say that its an ambitious project that i will support.
The road to the moon is a very long one. Are you patient enough to wait it out? The project is a good one that will be filled with challenges. I see a great coin in the future.
Yes, the project is still new and has a long way to go. I am planning to hold it for few years, hope I can witness it mooning.


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The distribution of airdrop 2 rewards has been completed. I hope all of you received your dstra already. Dstra is truly amazing isn't it? :)


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Definitely its worth investing our time on this project. It has a HUGE potential in the crypto market and development is still ongoing, so we will be seeing more and more people that will come here.


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Yes this is a great steps for successful future the team is working perfectly in this project and I give my fully support for them go go dstra team let's bump it to the moon


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DSTRA has a wonderful community.
I am happy to know this place.
I would like more people to know this coin.
Glad you liked it here, you can help the project by referring people here as DAM stated that the more new people coming here means bigger pool of AD for all of us.
And you can get 5% referral bonus if the one you referred here is also an active member. It's a win-win. Start calling your friends and family ;)
You are right dstra is one of the promissing project for 2018 up to the future. If you see thier community are very active and very transparent so we can expect that this project will have a good future.
I also love this community.
You give us appropriate advice.
The knowledge of various kinds of crypt passages is amazing.
Jokes are top notch, fun full marks.