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Lets all be united together for one goal---success. DSTRA coin has huge potential to succeed so lets all support it 100%. Long live DSTRA community. :dstraheart:


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Nah let's go to Mars instead
That being said a lot of the future will depend on what the devs do - let's hope they are working on the plans for this coin.


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Glad to see ppl like the Dstra platform so much. I too and here for the great opportunity to help grow and invest in the platform.


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Do not forget that the future of this coin depends on all of us in the end, for promoting it and take it out there


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This is an amazing project. Great team good work. I'm waiting for good news from this strong project team and wish a big profit!


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The coin was born unexpectedly, unplanned earlier. But this did not affect her in any way. I think our DSTRA has a bright future! I believe we will succeed!
Oh and i'm here. I was reading about this coin during a weak. There are a lot of interesting comments about it.
I think that this coin have a very serious potential. We have to talk about it as much as possible people. And then we'll get a profit and a good mind)
Have a good Day!


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I saw a good future in this coin.. Let's all support DSTRA! Fasten your seatbelts! we're on our way to the moon!
The road to the moon is a very long one. Are you patient enough to wait it out? The project is a good one that will be filled with challenges. I see a great coin in the future.