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DSTRA Guide: How to join Airdrop?


Staff member

Since we have a lot of newcomers and sometimes 'old-pack' is making some small mistakes, we have decided to publish this airdrop manual. Please follow it closely to make sure that your Airdrop results are maximised :)



Junior Member
This is a good step because whoever enters into airdrop should know the right steps to avoid running into problems that lost him a lot of pieces. Thank you


Junior Member
This is a really nice and well organized tutorial. It will definitely help new comers a lot. Thanks for putting it together.


Junior Member
Great that instruction states the user should communicate with dstra butler via private messages, not via public channel. thumbs up


Junior Member
It is important for me to have a continuous and sequential work from all the members of the team very good and I have a lot of sugar and we have to continue:dstraheart: