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DSTRA Discord avatar bounty


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DSTRA Discord avatar bounty

Go to Dstra discord server here

We want to spread DSTRA to all corners of the crypto community, and we are starting by spreading it to other discord servers. Wear a dstra avatar continuously for 14 days, and get reward in lovely dstra coin.

Registration is open from 14. September to 19. September 23.59 UCT

Bounty period runs from 20. September 00.01 UCT to 4. October 23.59 UCT

1) Choose an avatar from below.
2) Post your dstra wallet address here. Don’t post anything else.
3) Wear the avatar continuously for 14 days.
4) Changing of avatar during the bounty period will get you disqualified.
6) You are allowed to change to a different logo color.
5) On completion of bounty period, you will be rewarded 100 dstra.

Spread the word of DSTRA, wear the DSTRA logo proudly and receive a reward for doing so.

Small_Color_001.png Small_Color_002.png Small_Color_003.png Small_Color_004.png Small_Color_005.png Small_Color_006.png Small_Color_007.png Small_Color_008.png


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NOTE: the time in the graphic, that is what I've listed in SM tweets, etc., if you care to just correct to GMT+2 to avoid any complaints or confusion, although it is posted several times and in graphic as ending Thursday, 4 October 23.59 GMT+2


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Hi guys, if you wear a discord avatar, the board goes selectively not to everyone? You can not get into the drop avatar.