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DSTRA Airdrop 15


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At the time of this posting, on Sunday, 18 November 2018, there were no new Airdrop Requirements or changes in Registration procedures. The current instructions were last revised for our 12th Airdrop and beyond. Please follow the link here to view all of the Registration and Airdrop Instructions, for AD 15:
Airdrop #15 - rules and areas https://forum.dstra.io/threads/airdrop-15-rules-and-areas.1358/

We will likely have the registration and instructions page updated and not under a specific Airdrop round for AD 16, if before then, there will be a link added here to any updates.

After you have completed as much of the registration steps as possible, if you have further questions or need help it is usually best to find that in the #support room on our Discord channel: Discord Link

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Thank you for always working. DSTRA is constantly evolving. Let us always act for holders to improve the value of DSTRA!


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Last 13 hours to go for DSTRA's 15th Airdrop
ends tonight, Sun 2 Dec at 23:00 (GMT+1)!

When the distribution of tokens the AD16 will begin Monday :)
The airdrops are back-to-back, with one hour break. The distribution of rewards that are sent out to wallets participating, after the calculations are checked, is within 3-4 days after the end of the airdrop. So in this case, AD 16 starts before AD 15 rewards are distributed.

Until further notice that is how we are operating the 2-week airdrops.