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DSTRA Airdrop #13


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from @serathy...

We like to surprise you almost every week now, so... another surprise is around our Airdrops.

Starting from Airdrop 13 (the "lucky 13" clover.png ) the period will be extended to cover entire 14 days! Which means we make only a single 1 hour break between airdrops. No more idle time between rounds and the rewards will be then distributed within 3 days from next AD start (so until Wed after start).

If you are new to our airdrops please follow this guide for now, done for Airdrop 12:

The rules or components for each airdrop vary a little for each one so more information may show up here (specifically about the 14-day activity period with just one hour off between airdrops). Mainly the activities, which give you "shares" of the $DSTRA distributed, will change and likely include voting, helping to promote our Social Media channels as in liking, commenting, and or retweeting or sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook, and soon Instagram again.

The best place to check for new rules, and to ask for help, is in #support room on: DSTRA Discord

Wow, the on-time distribution of airdrop rewards and the continuous airdrop rounds with only 1 hour break is too impressive. The dev team is making their best, hardwork & dedication to make this project successful.


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The 1 hour turnarounds are a bit tough actually.
glad you guys are enjoying it!

Just enough time for them to retrieve data and reset the bots even
ha ha :D


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good initiative by the admins to revise the airdrop system. this would welcome alot of old members back to discord and make discord noisy again. i missed those good times with dstra community members.


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Will this rule be apply until the end of the airdrop or maybe there will be some changes?
If the effect is positive and constructive to the project overall, we might use it until the end of AD, but we will also change it when the conditions change


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Perhaps, was AD13 already finished? I thought it was late - I thought it would last more Since I could not work much this time, I will work a lot next time


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In the meantime AD 13 is over. And after an hour break, AD 14 starts. Can we continue in such a short time?
No no no, not yet, still 13 minutes left of AD13 :) plenty of time to make a difference!
Of course we can continue in suc a short time. Why not? Reset counters, and we go again. No problemo