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Do you feel like Quitting?

Really good to see that the hardcore members are really relaxed with the swap, development & that there are people that have less patience ;-)
The slow pace Airdrop is only a good thing to mature this project. No rush :)
I just observed that there is something wrong happening about the team. I'm not sure what it is and thinking of quitting sometimes. But because my trust from this community is very strong, I am still here and don't wanna give up! Problems rises unexpectedly and should be resolve. I hope that the team will get back on track very soon!
How about you guys? What do you feel right now? Share your thoughts.
Yeah you're right mate, there is something wrong happening in the team but they will surely resolve all that so need not to worry at all. And I'm not really feeling quitting at all so we better all just relax and sit tight.. :dstraheart:
I guess that if there have been some dark moment they may be behind by now, as we are triumphally marching towards blockchain swap and masternodes implementation.
Quitting how, I believe the Devs are working hard to get this project going and we should continue to help by supporting and encouragement. Thanks people.


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I don't feel like quitting. It's my attitude never to quit easily on anything. I can still see a very good future ahead for us and for DSTRA especially now that DSTRAv2 is now out. Let;s hodl guys keep them wallets staking.


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Project starts to get momentum with the new wallet, swap, expanding team etc. I see a bright future for DSTRA. Good job team


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Umm, That's reasonable to think about quitting because, we already faced alot of issues here, from team members to even tech-related problems but i can say that every issue will come to an ending at the right time.
I thought this topic is about quitting the daily job...it turns out it is talking about quitting this project.
I am new here and just wanted to say Hi to Everyone... No, I am not quitting...


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no quitting. i support dstra all the way. although project development is slower than expected, i understand devs team is trying to ensure security factor first among other issues. this is ok for me.


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Despite all this I trust dastra and I think that coin like her has a strong project that can rise up and draw attention to her and overcome difficulties


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Mainly many people have just parked their wallets (and it applies to different coins) on the 'stake status' and they wait for another bull run.


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I will not quit, thats exactly the opposite of what you should do, bearmarkets wear you out and the moment you want to walk away the bottom is near. Hang in there
I will not quit, thats exactly the opposite of what you should do, bearmarkets wear you out and the moment you want to walk away the bottom is near. Hang in there
yep so many people are in total dismay at the moment and they feel as though they don't have any control over the market and they lose hope in crypto and themselves, so they have one more thing to do, sell, of course this is the worse thing you can do.


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I do not mean to quit.
However, I think that we have to have a way to use DSTRA.

Available for service
Available in stores

With them, new people will easily have DST. We are proud of being able to continue with our thoughts.