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[Discord] EXP bot details


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Seems like a lot of questions are coming up around the bot and how it works, figured I would post the details here to avoid any confusion.

Bot name: dstra-butler#7423

Exp is calculated on chatting activity, currently on a 90 seconds cool down.

Each message receives a random amount of Exp between 10 - 25.

Level 0 to 1 requires 100 Exp, every level after will be an additional 66% on top of the previous. ie. level 1 to 2 will require 133, etc.

List of commands
Displays this list
Displays leaderboad 10 rankings from the position specified, ie. !top 5. Displays top 10 by default.
Display channels allowed by bot
Display channels ignored by bot (no exp)
Displays activity details for the user specified, ie. ~level @<user>. Displays stats for message author by defualt.
Countdown timer to the next Airdrop round


* The stats on -level does not match -top!

Bot submits Exp every 30 seconds, however top list data is cached for 5 minutes. Check back in a few.

* Bot seems to be offline and not responding?

In the rare case that bot runs into an error, it will reboot within 5 minutes. As long as "Level bot" is online EXP is still accumulated, it just wont respond to commands.
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Thank you very much for this kind explanation and good work on the bot. This will help out with the questions on how much xp is needed to next level.


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Great information. I am always wondering about how Exp is calculated in Discord, now I know. Thanks for sharing!


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I am looking for this thread in this forum to know how Exp bot works. Very informative for the newbie like me in this community. Great job.


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perfect now i can link too this one instead of explaining every time^^

you need 5k exp too get too lvl 10 and become a suporter or as some call is Club Of No Life


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"Level 0 to 1 requires 100 Exp, every level after will be an additional 33% on top of the previous. ie. level 1 to 2 will require 133, etc."
that's an info that i was looking for about xp to level ratio. thx!


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Thanks for the informations, very useful!
You can also type ~help in the bot to get these commands.
best of luck!


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I notice that FAQs because some members had asked me about the difference on ~stats and ~level before.
It's nice getting the explanation on how the bot works from the maker himself. Thank you for the good work :)