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Cryptaldash Exchange listing


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Good morning or afternoon,

I have just made a suggestion with cryptaldash exchange to list DSTRA, community members should show support for DSTRA to be listed once they review the submission.
I just received an email from their head of relations, please see attachment.
PS. still waiting for Coinpulse to review the last submission.


I'll let you know soon but they took a long time to moderate the request for listing.
Yes, it will equal or more than 5 airdrops or 10 weeks of airdrops before Dstra may be listing and I think it really is taking a long time, but I just hope we will be eventually listed at an exchange.


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During an airdrop phase its not real important to get listed on an exchange straight away for a new or young coin i feel but take the time to get listed on a half decent exchange that won't rip you off or the coin devs.


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I think they already contacted with crex24 and got to an agreement. Let the coin come to that exchange and then will be good to look for another exchanges.
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anyone have ideas or see some going through voting phases, post it here or on discord etc, might also have to tag admin or mods in as well