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Anyone can address to my concern ?

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Hello here i am new here in the forum i would likr to ask how can i start here what steps or rules do i need to follow soo i can fully understand what is the main porpose of this project


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Hi. Unfortunately there's some housekeeping that needs to be done to get all the information together in one easy place. It was better at the start but after successive airdrops the info has become more and more scattered and a lot of the information that is available needs to be brought up to date.

Basically, DSTRA is trying a Proof-of-Community (POC) concept so you can earn DSTRA by participating as a member of the community by doing things like posting here on these forums, by posting on the Bitcointalk forums (ideally while wearing a DSTRA signature), by chatting with other community members on Discord and by using the Gleam link for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) & for voting for DSTRA to be listed on exchanges. Additionally there is a holder bonus paid out for holding DSTRA in your wallet.

Some rules have been changed between airdrops as the team has tweaked things but to get a general idea of how things work you might try reading DAM Round 1 (AD4) Rules » DSTRA https://dstra.io/dam-round-1-ad4-rules/ (now out of date) and reviewing the website DSTRA Community Coin | From Community comes Unity https://dstra.io (now very out of date) but has some news & info.

Here's the current Gleam link: DSTRA Airdrop #7 https://gleam.io/G7FLy/dstra-airdrop-7 which I believe expires in ~5 days.

Despite some hiccups along the way, the team is hard at work in their effort to ensure that DSTRA not become some just another coin. It's an evolving process, and everyone here is interested in seeing where this thing eventually goes, but right now the best place to start is by joining the community and earning some DSTRA by being a participant.

[OK, well it looks like the AD information was just recently updated in the link coly20032003 shared!]
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Yeah the link given above is already the comprehensive step to join airdrop. If you still have a question you can ask it in here or on the Discord channel


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You can go at the discord server, I believe that most of the information about the airdrop is written there. If you want to know the real purpose of this project, you can also visit the dstra website, I hope you enjoy being here ^^
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