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Forum Rules

DSTRA Forum Rules


Below you will find a list regarding the do’s and don’ts on this forum. Please read them before posting anything. Please understand that not following these rules may result in a permanent banishment.


  • Post in the right place. Posts in the Development Discussions section should be about the wallets, source etcetera, while posts in the Suggestions section should only be for suggestions. We might move or remove posts in the wrong place.

  • Be descriptive. Give us as much information as you can right off the bat. Name your thread “DSTRA wallet – I need help with feature X” instead of just “Help!” That way everyone can be ready to help you, faster.

  • Be accurate. Make sure the title of your thread matches what your post is about.

  • Keep it on-topic. If someone created a thread, it’s because they’re looking for an answer to their question. Changing the topic of the thread isn’t helpful.

  • Keep it appropriate. Members of all ages see the DSTRA Forums.

  • Be polite and kind. Respect others even if they have a different opinion. If you disagree with someone, you are free to do so politely, but please don’t make it personal. Respect also means you never harass, embarrass, or threaten other members.

  • Respect the main language. English is the only language to communicate on the boards. However, you are allowed to speak any other language in the corresponding national threads.

Don’ts: Doing something on this list often can get you suspended, or sometimes even banned.

  • Write posts using ALL CAPS or extra-large font. This is like shouting at someone on a forum. And nobody likes being YELLED AT!!

  • Use repeated symbols, multiple exclamation marks, or multiple question marks. Again, nobody likes being YELLED AT!!

  • Post blank or “no text” messages. We can’t help you if we don’t know what the problem is!

  • Call out the Moderators and DEV’s. Be cool, folks. We know you want to grab our attention, but good thread titles like the above will help you get our attention much easier.

  • Bump threads or PMs over and over again. This goes hand-in-hand with spamming and flooding. “Bumping” a thread is when someone posts “bump” or anything similar in their thread to keep it on the first page of threads. Doing this once or twice is fine, but multiple bumps in a short period of time are considered spamming. Use your bumps wisely.

  • Post personal information. Forum posts are visible to everyone and can show up in search engine results. Protect the privacy of yourself and others.

  • Be inappropriate. That means no “sexting” or other explicit posts.

  • Be rude. No matter what your feelings are about other people, the DSTRA Forums aren’t the place to attack another person. That includes public figures, DSTRA Team, or other forum members.

  • Discuss moderation. Our moderators are here to keep this place happy and helpful for everyone. Discussing moderation in any way, shape, or form is not okay.

  • Spam or flood boards. That means don’t post disruptive numbers of messages and images, including posting the same message in multiple forums or sending the same PM multiple times. Posting multiple lines of the same text two or more times and/or not contributing to the topic.

  • Curse or swear. Don’t try to get away with it by using symbols in place of letters, too. We all k*** what you’re trying to s**.

  • Bully. Online bullying is against the rules. Bullying is your one-way-trip to getting banned from the forums.

  • Flame. Flaming is intentionally posting hurtful, insulting, or harassing messages to or about other people.

  • Advertise. For anything: pay-to-play gaming sites, products or items for sale, referral links or advert links/images in forum signatures, avatar posts, blogs, profiles, you name it! You can post about other projects, share for opinions, post links for other airdrops in the other projects section, but do not try to sell or advertise a project there.

*Last but not the least, Don’ts that can get you banned right away These are more serious don’ts. That means if you do something from this list, we might ban you right away! *

  • Link to pirated and/or harmful content, like Trojan horses or adult-themed things. That’s not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

  • Be a troll. Trolling is deliberately posting sarcastic, off-topic, or rude things to start a fight.

  • Do anything illegal. That includes Identity theft - Identity fraud - Stalking - Making personal threats - Blackmail and extortion - Flamebait. That means no: *Obscenity *Sexism *Racism *Politics, religion, or lobbying.

  • Threatening to start a lawsuit against DSTRA.

Note: These rules are subject to change without notice as the DSTRA Team deem necessary.